A new batch of mac cosmetic contacts will be sold in the US under a partnership with Maélys cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics is launching a partnership to sell its brand-new range of contact lenses under the brand name “Maelys Cosmetics” to customers who pre-ordered the new batch.

The new line will be available from mid-September.

The partnership comes after Maéls launched a limited-edition line of contacts in August and a full-size range of contacts earlier this year.

It’s the latest foray by the Toronto-based cosmetics company into the US market after it launched a line of contact lens products in Canada earlier this summer. 

Maels Cosmetics will be selling a range of three different types of contact glasses, one for men and one for women, along with three different sizes of lenses.

Each product comes in a variety of colours and shapes and has a number of different styles, including a matte finish, a glossy finish and a clear finish. 

“We have been making contact lenses for a long time and our products have always been made with the utmost care and attention to detail, and our collaboration with Maëlys is just another example of our commitment to creating a superior product line for our customers in the United States,” said Mac Cosmetic Vice President of Marketing, Paul J. Dussel. 

 “The beauty of the Maelys Cosmetic line is that it is a true wearable option that is comfortable and comfortable to wear and can help meet the needs of any individual with a variety in their makeup and skin.” 

 The new Maelys range of products are the latest products from Mac Cosmetics, a Canadian cosmetics brand founded in 2009.

The company currently sells in Canada under the brands “Meadow” and “Lucky Rose”. 

 Meelys Cosmeticals is a partnership between Maëls Cosmetrics, a leading international cosmetics brand, and Mac Cos Metics.

It began in 2012, with a $1.3 million investment from Maës parent company, the L’Oréal Group. 

The Maelys line of products is currently available in Canada through the Mac Cosmatics website, Maés Cosmetric website, online and in store. 

Mac Cosmetics was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Toronto. 

More to come.