How do we make cosmetic treatments better?

By Yvonne Lee (Medical News Today)By Yvonna Lee ( Julie Hirschfeld ([email protected],The Associated PressScience news that matters:The U.S. is still spending about $3 billion a year to treat acne, the leading cause of cosmetic burns.

But it could be less than that if a breakthrough in synthetic biology and a new technique for using DNA to edit skin cells would work as well as some dermatologists think they might.

The breakthrough could be the key to treating conditions like psoriasis, psorphoid, eczema, and other skin conditions that can have significant side effects and are a growing threat to the U.K.’s economy.

The Johns Hopkins researchers have been working for years on the genetic tools needed to edit DNA. “

We need to understand the genetics of what the underlying disease is and what our treatments can do to help.”

The Johns Hopkins researchers have been working for years on the genetic tools needed to edit DNA.

They are already developing the genetic code for the enzyme that allows cells to repair themselves, the gene that makes up skin cells, and the enzymes that break down damaged skin proteins.

The team, including Dr. Larken, also is developing a new drug to prevent or slow the onset of the disease, and it is recruiting a large number of medical students and researchers.

They are working on a drug that is safe and effective for people who are sensitive to UVB light, and they are also developing a way to edit a single gene.

The work is part of a push to get to the point where the genetic editing tools can be used to make therapies to treat disease, which is critical to saving the economy and to getting people out of poverty, said Dr Mark Bittman, a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

But it’s also a crucial first step toward what will be a much bigger challenge, he said.

“The real question is how do we use this gene editing to treat the vast majority of people?”

This story was produced by Medical News Now, a partnership of the Associated Press, Kaiser Health News, Kaiser Permanente, The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Reporting, and Kaiser Health Foundation.

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