Maelys Cosmetics Review: Beauty is Like a Game

Posted February 07, 2018 05:21:25Maelys is a beauty brand known for its eye shadow line, but its makeup line also features a range of lipsticks and bronzers.

The company, founded by sisters Claire and Lauren, opened a store in the Chicago suburb of Urbana, Ill., in 2013, and the store is now in its ninth store.

The brand’s lipstick line was recently introduced in Los Angeles.

Maeys is best known for the makeup, but the brand is also known for beauty products.

The family-owned company began as a jewelry line in the 1940s, before branching out into cosmetics and skin care.

It expanded to include skincare, hair and nail care, and cosmetics.

The name Mays is an old American-derived suffix meaning “beauty” and “loyalty.”