How to buy the best mascara and brow pencils in the US

A lot of consumers may be asking, “What do I get for my $100?” and there are a couple of answers.

The first is mascara.

The second is brow pencil.

And the third is eyebrow pencil.

All three are good, inexpensive options that make it easier to keep track of which products are worth your time.

Here are the top 10 eyebrow pencils.1.

Lashline Brow Pencil ($4.95) – This is the best brow pencil you can buy for a $100.

The Lashline is the most affordable option, with a 5-piece box of five colors to choose from.

Its long-lasting formula is made with high-quality synthetic fibers and anti-bacterial ingredients to help prevent breakouts.

It also comes in a waterproof, non-slip base, which is ideal for when you want to apply mascara.

LashLine Brow Penccil is available in eight shades and the formula lasts up to three months.2.

Lashletica Brow Pen + Lashline ($5.50) – Lashletic is the second-most affordable eyebrow pencil, but its not the only option available for a dollar.

This brow pencil contains a silicone base, and it also comes with a waterproof base that won’t scratch the skin, which you can use for a variety of eye and brow products.3.

Lashlets Brow Pen ($6.00) – You may not be looking for a brow pencil, especially if you want something a little less expensive, but you still want to use this one.

This eyebrow pencil is the priciest of the bunch, with four colors.

It’s also the most waterproof.

It lasts up as long as your eyeliner, which can last up to five years.4.

Lashlyn Brow Pen Pencil + Lashlyn ($6,00) – If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, this brow pencil is for you.

It has three different shades of Lashlyn, but only one color for the Lashlyn.

The two that come with it are a medium and a large shade, so you can find one that matches your eyes.

Lashlyne Brow Pen pencils are available in a variety a colors and their formulas are waterproof.5.

Lashlix Brow Pen+ Lashlick Pencil+ Lashliner ($8.00 each) – The Lashliz and Lashlox are the pricier options of the trio.

The L-shaped pencils feature a soft silicone base that’s easy to apply.

It comes in seven colors, including a gold and a red.

The lashes are also waterproof.

LashLix BrowPencil and LashLiz Brow Pen are available at L’Oréal.6.

L-Ray Brow Pen $9.99 – If you need a brow pen that’s also waterproof, this is it.

The new L-ray brow pencil will be the most expensive, so it’s definitely worth the money.

It contains a synthetic base that will hold up to four months.7.

L’Artisan Brow Pen – L’artisan Brow Pen is the cheapest brow pencil in the L’Arte line.

It is a gel that’s meant to help create the perfect shape and look.

L’-Artisan is a silicone-based formula that is ideal when you need to use your mascara.

You can apply the L-artisan brow pencil with your fingers, a wand, or a brush.8.

Lush Brow Pen, Lush L’artisan & Lush Beauty $10.00 – Lush’s L’ Artisan brow and Lush Artisan eye pencils have been on sale for years.

The brushes are made of synthetic materials, which means they’ll last up the longest, and the pencils can be applied with the brush or by a brush with the same bristles.

Lately, they’ve been a bit pricey.

But if you can’t find any affordable options, the brushes are also made of silicone.

The brow and eye pencil options are also available in different shades.9.

Lululemon Mascara $10 – The Mascaras are a $5.99 option, and they come in three colors.

They’re great for using on a regular basis to keep your makeup looking nice.

The M-ascara’s silicone base is a little on the pricey side, but if you’re shopping for a more basic look, it will do the trick.10.

Lumi Brow Pen & Lumi Lumi ($12.00 or $16.99 each)- The Lumi and LumiLumi Brow Pens are both made from natural ingredients, and their ingredients are super-moisturizing.

They have a flexible silicone base and they don’t scratch your skin or smudge your brows.

The lipsticks also don’t contain fragrance.