How to use mascara without breaking the bank

My facial makeup has always been one of the most important items in my wardrobe, and it’s always been my most expensive purchase.

Now, with the advent of high-end brands like Sephora, MAC, and Lancôme, it’s even more important that I always have the right mascara for my needs.

With that in mind, I always go into mascara shopping with a plan in mind: I’m going to spend my money on products that have been clinically tested to remove the makeup I want.

I’ll be purchasing the highest quality products that can truly work and last longer, and I’ll spend it on the very best mascara for me.

If it doesn’t work for you, it probably won’t work either.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

If you’re new to the world of makeup, this may be a bit overwhelming.

But I promise that it’s worth the effort. 


Before you start mascara shopping, be sure to check out our guide to makeup, in which we cover what products to look for, when to buy, and what to avoid. 


Once you’ve purchased your product, you’re ready to start!

Follow these three simple steps to create the perfect mascara. 

Follow these 3 simple steps for mascara:  1) Choose the right size and color  To ensure that you get the right amount of product, I recommend buying a small product (like a small, light shade) that is very small and can be applied in one coat.

This way, the product doesn’t get trapped in your lashline. 

 2) Use a natural product for your lashes It’s important to make sure that you choose the right color, texture, and shape for your face.

In general, natural colors work better for most people, so if you’re prone to redness, try adding a light shade of brown to your eyes to help make them pop. 

3) Apply the mascara correctly For a long-lasting mascara, I usually apply my mascara on the sides of my face, which creates a bit of a line and provides a natural shape.

I also like to apply the mascara in a circular motion to help distribute the product over my face. 

I don’t typically do this when I’m applying a product like concealer, but if you want to get a more dramatic look, try a circular-motion mascara like the Bobbi Brown Lash Lash in L’Oréal Colorburst or BobbiBrown Lash in Chanel L’oréal. 

4) Apply your mascara to your lashes and set it aside To get the best results, I apply mascara on my lashes before applying concealer or concealer with concealer and concealer.

I usually set my mascara off on my lower lash line before applying my concealer to the top. 

5) Use the brush to apply your product I usually use a long, thin brush for this step.

For this, I prefer the Bobbin-Brown Lash Brush from BobbiBodys Lash Brush, which has a medium-weight brush. 

6) Apply mascara with the brush and set aside If you have a small brush, I find that it makes the application easier. 

7) Apply concealer on top of mascara To add some volume to your makeup, I use concealer as a finishing touch. 

8) Apply liquid eyeliner on top To create a more realistic look, I tend to apply liquid eyeliners on top.

I use the Bobble Eye Lid Lips in NARS Makeup Primer, which have a light-to-medium-weight formula. 

9) Apply eyeliner with a finger and set the mascara aside I prefer to apply mascara with a light, circular motion.

For my mascara, it usually works best to apply it over my upper lash line, then apply the top half of my lid. 

10) Remove the mascara from the mascara bristles I’m always careful when removing mascara from its bristles.

I like to remove mascara from my brush by squeezing my thumb under the top part of the brush.

I then pull out the bristles and let them fall into the sink. 

11) Apply a mascara brush to your eyelashes To make sure you get a perfect application of your mascara, apply a mascara wand to your lower lashes. 

12) Apply another mascara brush  I always use a small-sized brush to blend my brows, and a large-sized to blend the sides and top of my eyes. 

13) Apply foundation to your upper eyelashes I tend to go under my eyelids more often, so I usually use the mascara brush under my lower eyelids. 

14) Apply eye makeup with a liquid liner The mascara I typically use is the Bobbie Brown Lash Brush.

It has a large brush, and has a thin, rounded tip. 

15) Apply lipstick to your inner corners

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