How to get the Chanel Ultra Collection at Ulta, Birchbox, and Beauty Bag World

A new Chanel perfume, Chanel Ulta Collection, is launching in a limited edition collection at UltA and Birchbox on Wednesday.

The fragrance, which will be available as a three-piece collection, will be priced at $79, the price of Chanel’s flagship perfume, Ulta (which retails for $199).

Ulta has been offering a limited time limited edition of Ulta products since May, so it’s no surprise to see the new perfume come to a limited number of locations, including Ulta Beauty Bagworld.

A look at Ultas Ulta collection, which is also available for $149: Ulta Ulta Classic Collection Ulta Ultra Classic Collection is a line of two perfumes in the Ulta range that debuted in June.

They’re described as “a fresh, modern, and sophisticated blend of floral, citrus, and woody notes, all in the spirit of the old-world style.”

The first in the line, called Ulta Champagne, is described as a bright, bold, champagne-y floral fragrance, with a strong floral undertone.

The second in the lineup, called Chanel Champagne (which is a new version of the brand’s signature fragrance), is described by Ulta as “sensual, sophisticated, and masculine.”

It’s described as an “alluring floral scent that blends well with your skin’s natural fragrances, making it perfect for everyday wear.”

Ulta’s Ulta Charming Collection, meanwhile, is a “beauty-forward fragrance in a bottle” with a “romantic and sophisticated, yet elegant scent.”

The line, which includes a scent called Chanels Ulta and Chanel Luxury Collection, comes in a six-pack, and costs $150.

It comes in three different bottles: the Champagne version comes in an 8.5 ml bottle, and the Luxury version comes with a 6.8 ml bottle.

Each of the three fragrains in the collection costs $30, but Ulta says that’s because they’re “a true luxury product, designed to complement your beauty regimen and help to nourish your skin.”

Ultas Chanel, Ultas Ultra Champagne and Ultas Luxury Collections will be sold at Ultaeon stores across the U.S. on Wednesday, with the Ultaeons Ulta Tour available for the duration of the sale.

(A full list of Ultaeontour locations can be found here.)

Ulta previously released a limited-edition Chanel scent, which was called Chanelle Champagne.

Ulta is also working on a limited range of Chanels in the Ultra range, and will release a fragrance called Chanelles Ultra Champ.

UltaeON, the company that runs, has announced plans to launch a limited run of Chanelless Ultra Champ products in June, with another fragrance, Chanellen Ultra Champ, coming in November.

Ultayon also plans to offer a Chanel fragrance in the Chanelle range, as well as the Chanels Ultra Luxury range, in November, in partnership with brand L’Oreal.

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