What’s new at Mally cosmetics

The makeup brand that is making a name for itself in the cosmetics industry has taken a step forward in the past year with the introduction of its first-ever eyeliner.

The new mascara, which has a black eye and is available in three shades of metallic silver, has been designed to blend into the eyes and blend seamlessly into the skin.

“We wanted to create a unique mascara that has a unique look and a unique feel to it,” said Mally product manager Kate Molloy.

“This mascara will not only enhance the look of your lashes, it will also provide the perfect amount of lash lift, giving your lashes that ‘glow’ effect.”

The eyeliner is available for $20, which is cheaper than most other mascaras on the market.

Mally cosmetics is an Australian beauty company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.