The New York City beauty industry is a $1.2 billion industry, but the city has been slow to embrace it

By DANIEL BRANCANOTENThe New York metropolitan area has one of the highest levels of cosmetics sales in the country, according to the National Retail Federation.

But the region is struggling to attract and keep those businesses that provide the most important parts of a cosmetology-to-cosmetics journey.

According to the NRF, the region’s cosmetics sales fell 1.5 percent last year.

That was more than double the national average of 1.2 percent.NRF President Brian Hargrove said the industry is struggling with a number of factors.

But, he said, cosmetics has been one of them.

Hargroves told the Associated Press that New York has made strides in the past decade in attracting more businesses to the region.

But it has been too slow to expand the sector.

Hospitals have been slow in welcoming new patients, he added.

The NRF estimates there are over 1,200 new cosmetologists per month in the New York area.

Hospitality and retail companies have also been slow.

Cosmetics sales have been one area where the industry has been growing in recent years, but in many ways the industry hasn’t been able to tap into that demand.

In 2014, the industry generated about $6.4 billion in revenue, but only about 4 percent of that was made in the metro area, according the Nrf.

According the NAF, New York was also one of only a handful of cities with a higher percentage of cosmetics business than medical offices.

New York has an estimated 1.8 million medical offices and about 11,000 cosmetic dentistry offices, according Hargros data.

Those figures, he noted, would likely have made the New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York metro area the most attractive cosmetological-to‑cosmetics markets in the nation.

That hasn’t happened.

In New York, cosmetologist employment has been stuck in the low single digits, according a recent report from the Center for Health Policy and Practice at New York University School of Medicine.

And the numbers have remained steady in the city’s metropolitan area, where the average salary for a cosmologist is $65,000, according NRF data.

Even so, the city is still the top location for cosmetistry, Hargroth said.

Cosmetic dentists in New York earn more than other dentists and they do more work than their counterparts in other cities.

Holliday, the New Yorker, said that’s why it’s a challenge for the industry to attract new cosmologists to New York.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot more money than they are making in New Jersey or New York,” she said.

New Yorkers have had to adapt to the high cost of living in other parts of the country.

And while there are plenty of cosmetologic-to‐cosmetics shops and cafes in Manhattan, they have a limited variety of products.

Harritts, the resident in the Bronx, said she is glad to be living in New Yorkers cosmetologues because she’s glad to have some options in the area.

But for many cosmetologies, that’s all she has left.