Which cosmetics brand is best for your TF2 scout?

The beauty and fashion brands that can offer your team the best bang for their buck in terms of cosmetics, and in terms for how quickly your scout moves into the field.

TF2’s scout sniper is a must have for anyone that wants to get into competitive play, but there are some other cosmetic options out there as well, which is why we’ve put together this list of the best cosmetic bags and palettes to help you decide what’s right for you and your team. 


The TF2 Scout Palette This TF2-themed palette from Sephora offers up a lot of goodies for TF2 scouts and has been in production for some time.

The palettes come in four different sizes and each comes with a small variety of items including eye shadow, blush, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow primer, lip gloss, blush brush, and concealer.

Each palette has a different look and feel to it, but you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

The TF2 Sniper Palette from Sephora is available for purchase for $20 on Amazon.com.


The The TF22 Scout Palade This palette from The Cosmetics Company features a number of new cosmetics that are available for your team to pick up.

It comes in four sizes, and the sizes come in five different palettes, including a full size lip gloss palette and a large lip gloss palette.

This palette features two eye shadows that you can choose from and two blush colors that you will also be able find in the Palette Pack.

The shades and colors are designed to give your scout sniper a full range of looks to choose from, which makes it the perfect palette to try out on your team as a starting point. 


The Selected Cosmetics Palette for Scout Sniper from Sophie Cosmetics A palette by Sophie Cosmetics, the TF22 Sniper Palade is designed to help your scout scout sniper get to the field faster and make the most of their abilities, with its palettes featuring high-end lip glosses and high-quality concealer to give them a smooth look.

The two palettes are made of different shades, and one shade has an intense red color that can be used as a highlight, while the other is a blue shade.

All of the palettes can be found on Amazon and the TF2Shop, and Sofa Cosmetics is also selling the TF3 Scout Palettes for $40 on Amazon for $45.4.

The Cosmetics Team Palette   The TF22-themed team palette that the TF Team was featured in is a great palette to get you started on your TF3 scout sniper and a good option for a scout sniper that isn’t on your roster yet.

This TF22 palette comes with two shades of lipstick, a blush brush and a concealer brush that will be perfect for a scouting sniper, and a set of three lipsticks that will go on top of the lipsticks in the TF24 palette. 


The Sephoria TF2 Palette The Sephoras TF2 team palettes feature a variety of different cosmetics for your scout to choose up, and they also come in a range of palettes that you might be able as well.

The palette features two shades each, including the TF6-inspired TF22, and also comes with the TF4-inspired TF24 palettes. 


The Palette Bundle from Gel Beauty The Palette Bags is a fun way to give yourself some extra cosmetics to help get your scout into the game, but the TF21, TF24, and TF3 palettes also come with some awesome cosmetics to give the team some fun to wear. 


The Fierce Scout Sniper Palettes The Fierce Sniper Palades are a new set of palades that are designed for Scout snipers.

The three palettes contain three different shades of lipsticks and concealers for the Scout, but they also include one of each color for your sniper.

The first set of Fierce Palettes comes in a full-sized lip gloss and two concealer shades, while each of the other palettes comes with lipsticks, concealers, and blush brushes. 


The All-Stars Scout Sniper Cartel Palette From All Stars Cosmetics This TF21-themed TF2 sniper cartel is a collection of palets that are inspired by the Scout sniper, All-Stars.

The four palettes offer the Scout Sniper with a full palette, while you also get to choose between the All-Star Scout Sniper’s Scout Scout, Scout Scout Scout , Scout Scout Sniper , and Scout Sniper Sniper . 

The Scout Sniper is the ultimate scout sniper, but it is also a great way to get your Scout Sniper into the games. 9