Why the Mascara Madness Has Gone Viral

This mascara is the latest trend to dominate the fashion scene, and we’re here to share why it is.

It’s not just for fashionistas.

There are beauty aficionados, makeup aficionado, makeup bloggers and more who love the formula, and some are getting their hands on the first ever batch.

The mascara is made of real lashes, and it’s also vegan, cruelty-free and cruelty-proof.

The formula, which was designed by a makeup artist at one of the leading makeup brands, features a blend of three ingredients: aloe vera, coconut oil and the brand’s secret ingredient, lanolin.

You can use it in the shower and on the beach to help with lash curl, and in the morning to create a smooth, silky finish.

The product comes in three colors, a metallic silver, a matte gold and a satin gray.

The company’s website claims the product is designed to make you look “more radiant” and “beautiful.”

What does it do for your lashes?

There are three main components in the mascara.

Aloe verum (a plant that can help keep your lashes healthy) and coconut oil are the most obvious ingredients, but there are other ingredients in the formula as well.

Algae oil, which is derived from seaweed, is also used in the product and is a very moisturizing ingredient, according to the brand.

The coconut oil is what helps to build up the lash definition.

The gel is the second ingredient, which gives the mascara its curl and lift.

The third ingredient, coconut ash, is used in a special formula to help prevent buildup of mascara.

It is also the base of the mascara, which makes it more waterproof, since it can withstand harsh water conditions.

Is it worth it?

This mascara has been on the market for about a year, and the first batch is available now.

The original formula cost $24 for an 8-piece set, and now it’s up to $69, with each item costing about $40.

The brand’s website says that the first 8-pieces will be sold out by February 16.

This time, the first shipment will only be available in a limited quantity.

If you want to try the mascara out for yourself, you can find it online starting at $30 for a 16-piece collection.

You may also want to look at other brands like Laura Mercier’s Black Label Mascarade, which also uses aloe and coconut.

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