‘Black Moon’ makeup is ‘superb’

Beauty experts are stunned by the makeup of the new Black Moon cosmetics, which promises to offer a “superb” black mask.

Black Moon Cosmetics, which launched its Black Moon mask last week, has already sold out in its first batch.

The Black Moon makeup is an all-natural alternative to traditional creams, which have been the standard for many years.

The company is also touting that the mask’s “natural” formula is more natural than its competitors, which can make it difficult to get the desired results.

But Beauty Insider has already found some negative reviews from the cosmetics industry.

Some say the Black Moon masks don’t provide enough mask ingredients and that the product is “overpriced.”

Beauty Insider also found the Black Moons mask contains “too much” fragrance.

It’s not clear how much of the Black Rose makeup that’s currently on sale is actually Black Moon’s Black Rose mask, but according to the company, Black Rose masks contain no fragrance.

The Black Moon products will be sold exclusively at Sephora stores in the U.S. until Feb. 28.

The masks have also been available at Target and Walmart.

The mask is also on sale at Amazon and Best Buy.