Which is better: the skin or the mascara?

Cosmetic organizer, blogger and author Dhananjay Nandan writes on his blog that mascara is not necessary for a successful look.

“I personally have no preference between mascara or skin.

If it is a must, I use mascara.

If not, then I just put on some eyeliner and get it done,” he writes.

“Skin does look better when the mascara is applied.

I’ve seen it said that makeup can make the skin look better and it’s true.

The best mascara is always applied properly.

If you are applying mascara without applying it, you are only making the mascara harder to remove.

But when you apply it correctly, it does look nice.”

The writer also adds that a perfect mascara does not need to be waterproof, as it will work as a waterproof mascara even after the product is washed away.

He also states that the best mascara can be used for a day and then reapplied.

“The only reason I can think of that a mascara can look good when it’s wet is because you are trying to create a good seal,” he says.

Dhananth says that it is always good to have moisturizer in case you have any skin issues.

“There is no need to use moisturizer if you have oily skin.

For oily skin, I prefer using a cream.

But if you are just using the makeup, it is better to use a lot of moisturizer,” he adds.