What we learned from the first day of the Trump presidency

Trump’s first week in office has been a rocky start for President Donald Trump and his White House staff, who are struggling to get the first big legislative victory of the new president’s presidency.

From his first day in office, the president’s agenda has been derailed by a series of setbacks and controversies that have undermined his ability to move quickly.

Here are the highlights from Trump’s inaugural day.


Trump signs an executive order to delay the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal While signing an executive action on Monday to delay President Donald J. Trump’s executive order on trade, the Trump administration announced that it would be reopening negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal between the United States and 12 other nations.

The executive order was announced by Trump’s National Economic Council and was the latest effort to slow the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a massive free trade deal signed by the Obama administration.

The White House did not announce the move to delay TPP, saying it would come in response to “concerns about the potential impact of TPP on our economy.”

Trump had previously signaled that he might be ready to withdraw from TPP in the future, but this was his first major legislative victory.


Trump fires the FBI director The president fired the FBI’s director James Comey on Monday after Comey told lawmakers that the administration was not considering charges against Clinton in her private email server investigation.

Comey told Congress that he was in no hurry to recommend charges against the former secretary of state, and was concerned that Trump might retaliate against him for bringing up the matter.

Trump said that he thought Comey’s actions were a “disgrace” and that the former FBI director was “an honest man.”

Comey told members of Congress that the White House had no plans to fire him, but he also suggested that the president had the power to order Comey to stay on the job.

“I can tell you with certainty that the President of the United

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