Merle Norman cosmetics to launch new ‘merle nordic’ range with ‘natural’ range

By FRED HAGENMANNAssociated PressThe makeup and hair brands behind merle normans cosmetics will launch a range called “natural” in 2017.

The new range is the latest effort from the company that has already launched “natural,” “organic” and “vegan” cosmetics.

Merle Normans is a brand of natural and organic products that include its own line of high-quality products and products made with ingredients sourced from a sustainable source.

It’s one of the largest beauty brands in the U.S.

The company’s name comes from the Nordic word for natural and merle, which means “natural.”

It’s a reference to the Scandinavian island nation of Norway, where the company’s founder and namesake is Merle Jordaan.

The company says its name is based on the traditional word “merle” which means both “great” and a “merchant.”

“The word ‘merl’ has been around for a long time and we’ve been using it for quite a long period of time,” said J.B. Wachs, vice president of Merle Nordic Brands.

“We have the roots in Norway and we are very proud of that.

So we are just going to continue to use it.”

The new range will include four products, including a “natural, natural-based” product and three products with a “veg-friendly” label.

“We’re trying to bring together natural and veg-based, and it’s really a natural product,” Wach said.

“It’s really veg friendly.

It has a lot of natural ingredients that are actually plant-based.”

Wachs said the new range would be available in limited quantities at stores in the fall.

Wach said the brand will be available at some retail outlets and online through the company.

The “natural-based product” in the new collection will include “a full-coverage base,” with “natural essential oils and essential oils that can be used as moisturizers, and natural essential oils for treating conditions,” according to Wach.

“You can see the ingredients in it,” Wechs said.

“It’s a really, really natural product.

It also has a range of products that are really, truly vegan-friendly.

And so, it really is a blend of products,” he said.

Wechs did not disclose the products in the collection.

“When you look at the ingredients that you are going to see, it’s a lot,” he added.

“And it’s vegan-free.

It is not a synthetic ingredient.”

The products included in the line include the following:A natural-base shampoo with essential oils, essential oils from organic plants, natural essential oil for hair, and organic organic ingredients, including oat and hemp seeds.

A “natural base” that contains no synthetic fragrances, but is vegan-safe and non-irritating.

A lightening base with oat, hemp and hempseed essential oils.

A hair and makeup base with hempseed and oat essential oils to help achieve a “soft, silky, natural look.”

The range will come in three different sizes, with the full-sized product measuring 9.5 ounces and the “minimal” product measuring 7 ounces.

“This is definitely a new direction for us,” said Julie Schmid, a brand ambassador at Merle.

“Our focus is on products that we think are really good for you and that we feel will be really good at the moment.”

Wech said the “natural product” will have the most benefit in the face area.

“The first thing that you need to look at is the skin,” he explained.

“If you can really look at it and see that the skin is a lot smoother, that the foundation is a little bit softer and it has a little less texture.

And that’s the skin.

You want to look for products that will be good for that.”

The brand’s latest line of products comes as the company continues to ramp up its organic food program.

The brand has committed to buying organic, grass-fed meats, dairy products and eggs in the coming year.

Wichs said he’s not sure when the brand plans to make a return to the organic food business.

“I think we’re going to be focused on our organic food brand.

I think we have a really good product there and we will have a good product again.

We are in a really healthy business,” he told ABC News.”

And I think that’s going to make us a better brand and a better company.

We’ll be better.”

Wich said that while the brand is committed to organic, it has not yet decided what the next steps are.

“At this point in time, we’re kind of looking at the next 10 years of what we can do to improve the quality