Which brand is the best-selling makeup brand in the US?

On Monday, I stumbled upon a story about a makeup company that was trying to figure out whether it should launch a makeup line in India.

The story, written by Mashable, a news aggregator, quoted the company’s CEO as saying that its Indian subsidiary, Milani, would be launching a “special line” for India’s cosmetics market, which she described as “the future of beauty”.

I emailed Milani for comment on this, but didn’t hear back until this morning.

Milani Cosmetics is a cosmetics company founded in 2008 in Mumbai, India.

It has over 2,000 employees, and operates out of a manufacturing facility in Mumbai.

It currently sells its products in India, the US, Australia, and Brazil.

Milan Jogi, a spokesperson for Milani Cosmes, told Mashable that the company did not “actively plan to launch in India” in 2016.

“The business has been in operation for almost 5 years and we will continue to operate as per the requirements of the regulatory authorities in the country, Jogii added.

Milans India team will be based in India and will start work with the Indian Government, Jugis said.

Milanism’s brand is a mix of traditional beauty products with the “cosmetic innovation of new formulations”, according to a statement from Milani.

Milania has an array of cosmetic and hair products, including skin creams, cleansers, and treatments, as well as hair products.

Milani is currently selling its products through a network of retail stores and through its own website, which it has also opened in English.

Milane has an exclusive partnership with China’s Nars cosmetics.

In 2015, Milana announced it would be entering a partnership with Nars in India in order to make Milani’s beauty products more affordable and accessible for India consumers.

Milana Cosmetics, however, said in a statement to Mashable:Milani is committed to providing its products to the most vulnerable communities in India through a range of initiatives including: partnering with the Ministry of Health, Public Distribution System and Family Planning to distribute its products for distribution in rural areas; and collaborating with the government to develop a comprehensive range of marketing materials and services in India to empower women through the delivery of affordable products and services to empower them through a variety of opportunities.

Milanian is not the only Indian cosmetics company to have plans to launch a cosmetics line in the Indian market.

Last year, Beauty brand Nivea launched a beauty line called Pure, in partnership with Chinese company Lianyun Cosmetics.

Niveo is one of the few Indian cosmetics companies that offers a full-line beauty line, with a range that includes products from Niveas cosmetics and hair care brands.

Lianyuns hair care brand, which was launched in 2005, also has a beauty brand in India with a similar focus, with the brand’s products being available in Indian pharmacies and online.

The company has partnered with the National Board for Cosmetic Products (NBCCP), the regulator in India for cosmetics products.

Liani Cosmetics launched its India-only cosmetics line, in March 2016, with its own branded and retail store in Mumbai and is also selling its product through its website.

Miliani Cosmes is currently in talks with NBICO (India Biodiesel Corporation), the agency that regulates cosmetics and food products in the state of Maharashtra.

Milian is not only expanding its cosmetics offerings in India but is also focusing on expanding its products and offering products to India’s poor, including children, who are struggling with food insecurity, according to Jogia.

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