I didn’t want a new look to come out of my eyes when I saw my makeup artist post this

article I’ve got this makeup artist from Pixi cosmetics who has been a fan of my beauty regimen for a long time, and I thought, hey, let’s get her a little inspiration.

The answer?

She’s been giving me a whole lot of advice, and it’s not just about how to put makeup on but also how to apply it to my face.

I mean, she really knows what she’s talking about.

She doesn’t just use one product to cover up her makeup and that’s it.

She also uses a lot of products to help her makeup feel comfortable on my face, including moisturizers, moisturizers for dryness, lotions, and more.

So, to make it even more fun, I’m sharing my tips for getting the perfect look with a video tutorial from Pixie.

And if you’ve never tried a makeup kit, I highly recommend checking it out. [Pixi]