Beauty Products to get $1 million boost in 2018

LONDON — Beauty products will get a $1.5 million boost this year, from the $1 billion the Government has set aside for the cosmetics sector.

The $1m increase comes from a new law which allows the Government to spend the money on cosmetics for the first time, as well as the development of more affordable products, the Home Office said Monday.

“This is a significant boost to our cosmetics industry and it is encouraging that we can now begin to invest in more affordable and accessible products,” Home Secretary Amber Rudd said.

Home Office Deputy Director of the Business and Enterprise Policy Department, Anne Long, said the Government had made a commitment to spend up to £1bn on cosmetics over the next five years.

This was to ensure the industry is up to the task of providing safe, effective and cost effective products to millions of families, Long said.

“The cosmetics industry is in need of investment, and this money will support new products and products that will offer a better range of options to those who want to have the most fun with their cosmetics.”

These products will be safe and effective, and will make a difference to our families.

“The Government announced last year that it would spend up as much as £1 billion on cosmetics in 2018-19, and had committed to spend an additional £1.4 billion in 2019-20.

In 2018-2019, the Government said it would invest in up to 200,000 affordable cosmetic products and will allocate the money to a new National Cosmetic Benefit Scheme.

There are now more than 3,500 cosmetic products on the market and the Home Secretary said it was important to provide affordable, high-quality products to those people who need them.

Rudd said the increase was a result of the Government’s commitment to investing in cosmetic products.

It also comes after a $2.7 billion increase to the cosmetics industry in 2017-18, including £3.5 billion for the National Cosmetic Scheme, she said.