New products at the new Jacy cosmetics store in London

Londoners will be able to enjoy the latest cosmetics brands including Jacy, as part of a deal with the cosmetics giant.

The new retail store at St Paul’s Church, located in Hampstead, will open on April 16.

This marks the first store for Jacy Cosmetics, which is a subsidiary of British cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder, after it announced plans in November to open a new store in the capital.

Jacy, which also owns and operates Cosmetics World and the Jacy Hair and Beauty brand, has been expanding its UK retail network with new stores in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

According to Jacy’s website, it has been selling its hair, beauty and nail products since 1993.

Its beauty products have sold more than 60 million products, according to the company’s website.