Which brands should be in your makeup bag?

Fiera cosmetics offers a variety of beauty products, from moisturizers to skincare, but they’re also a big seller in China.

In China, most people rely on their own brands of makeup, which is often difficult to find, so cosmetics are a huge revenue source for cosmetics manufacturers.

In 2016, Fiera made a lot of money, with a $8.7 billion annual revenue. 

One of its products is Pure Beauty.

Pure Beauty is a cleansing cream made from the body’s natural oils.

It’s supposed to help remove dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup, but it’s not the best cleanser out there.

According to Fiera, the product contains over 60 ingredients, but the company does not give exact numbers on which ingredients are active. 

The Pure Beauty cleanser is supposed to be gentle enough to be used daily for two to three weeks, according to Fieri.

But Fiera does not advertise the cleansing cream as a cleanser, so its users often feel the product is not as effective. 

It’s unclear if the Pure Beauty cleansing cream is safe to use on humans, since it doesn’t contain essential oils or ingredients that are harmful to humans. 

Fiera is also a major seller in Taiwan, which has a high number of cosmetic companies, and is the second largest market in China, behind the United States. 

In 2018, Fieri sold $1.1 billion worth of Pure Beauty products in China , which was up a whopping $6.7 million from the year before.

Fiera also made a deal with L’Oréal, which made a $3.6 billion deal with the cosmetics giant in 2018, according to Forbes. 

So, which brands should you buy and use in your face makeup bag and where do you want to spend your money? 


Chai Pei Beauty and Skincare 2. 

Ki Suny Beauty 3. 

Beauty Queen Beauty 4. 

Bella Beauty 5. 


Crew Beauty 6. 

L’Oreal Beauty 7. 

Ella Beauty 8. 

Urban Decay Beauty 9. 

Pure Beauty 10. 

Hans Christian Art Beauty 11. 

Posh Beauty 12. 

Cosmetics for Dummies 13. 

Clairol Beauty 14. Elie 15. 

Zulily Beauty 16. 

Sakura 17. 

A.P.C. Beauty 18. 

Tarte 19. 

Benefit Beauty 20. 

Revlon 21. 

Allure Beauty 22. 

Laura Mercier 23. 

Sephora 24. 

Nail Art Beauty

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