When you don’t have time for the big brands, here’s a collection of high-end beauty brands worth a look

The day has arrived.

As we prepare to celebrate the grand opening of the brand’s new flagship store in New York City, a new lookbook is being unveiled for all the major beauty brands and the launch of a new collection of makeup and hair products.

The beauty brands that are expected to be on display include Estée Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, and Benefit.

Here’s a look at some of the other big names in the beauty world: Estée Langer-designed “Hair and Makeup Makeup Kit” The new look book is titled “The Hair and Make-up Make-Up Kit.”

It’s a sleek collection of hair and makeup products that features products for all skin types, hair and body types, and features a sleek, streamlined design that makes it easier to find your perfect match for every hair color and color combination.

EstéeLanger is a leader in the hair and beauty industry.

The company’s beauty products are available in more than 70 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. 

“Estée Lauder is one of the leading beauty brands, and we know how important it is to have an accessible product line that reflects our diverse makeup and beauty offerings,” said Estée Lagerstrom, president and CEO of Estée.

“We are excited to be partnering with the makeup industry to bring a collection that offers a range of products that reflect the beauty of our products.

We are working with makeup artists around the world to create a collection inspired by their styles, to create an experience that is both fun and affordable for all beauty lovers.” 

The new lookbooks for the major brands, like the Estée La Renta collection, will launch on May 22.

The line will include five products, including a $35 black eyeliner brush ($24.99) and three shades ($13.99 each).

The new Estée Leopold eyeliner is $39.99, while the $34.99 black mascara ($14.99), which is available in six colors, is available for $35. 

Esté Lauder’s “Makeup Make Up Kit” is priced at $50, with the Black Lash Black mascara ($15.99). 

The brand’s makeup and nail products also include a $30 “Glam” mascara ($7.99); a $39 “Black Label” mascara, which is $18; a $49 “Mascara-Bondage” mascara for $29.99; and a $59 “Glo” mascara mascara, available in three colors. 

L’Oréal is also introducing a $34 “Glitter & Shine” mascara to the line. 

The company has already released a new “Beauty Beauty” line that is expected to launch in July, with “Black Beauty,” “Black,” and “Red” being the new products.

The “Beauties” line includes a $29 “Black” mascara with a matte finish, a $15 “Glitzy” mascara and a “Gorgeous” mascara. 

Sephora is also offering a new makeup palette, called “Blend.” 

Lacquer lovers will be able to pick from a collection called “Mixed Lashes” that features three colors, “Coral,” “Red,” and a pink shade. 

Hair & Makeup is also adding a new palette called “Hip-Hop,” which features three shades, “Cool Pink,” “Cool Blue,” and an “In-Between” shade.

The brand is also adding “Black & White” and “Cool & Chic” shades to the palette. 

All of the new cosmetics and products are slated to launch on June 22. 

 The “Black beauty” palette will be available in two sizes, and the “Cool Black” and the other three shades will be in a palette with four shades.

The collection will include eight products: a $14.95 “Cool” mascara in “Cool Grey,” a $16.95 lipstick in “Dark Grey,” and the $17.95 gel eyeliner in “Bright Green.” 

Sephlora is launching the “Black Beauties” palette, which includes three shades in a range called “Cool Blonde,” “Dark Blonde” and a shade called “Creamy Blonde.”

The company is also launching the Lipstick & Nail line, which will include three shades. 

And finally, Lift has announced the “Lift Blondes” palette that will include two shades, two shades in “Pink Blonde and a cool pink shade in “Black.” 

 Luxury brands are also planning to debut their own beauty collections, including Sephora’s new collection that includes an eye makeup palette and a lip-gl

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