Which beauty products should I keep in your suitcase?

Cosmetic travel case Cosmetics, travel case and travel bag are all very popular and they all contain some form of mascara.

Here are some of the most popular brands and products: Almay Cosmetics : Alma Beauty products have a high-quality, high-priced formula that has long-lasting and can be applied to most types of skin. 

Almaden Cosmetics: This brand is known for their long-wearing mascara, as well as high-performance eyeliner, which makes it perfect for applying makeup on your face and neck. 

Becca Cosmetics & Beauty : The brand has been around for over 40 years, and it has been a favorite among beauty-lovers for its high-end makeup and mascara, which are formulated to create a long-term lasting result. 

Brilliant Cosmetics   : Brilling cosmetics are made with ingredients like natural and synthetic ingredients, as they are known to last longer than their less expensive counterparts. 

Coral Beauty :   A high-powered mascara, Coral Beauty has a long and popular history of making great products for women with a more natural appearance. 

Cosmic Beauty : This brand has long been known for its makeup, which is very popular among women with sensitive skin.

Feminine Luxury : Another brand that is popular with women with darker skin tones, this brand uses a high level of pigments and emollients to create an intense, long-wear finish that lasts longer than other brands. Glamour:   Glamour Cosmetics has a good reputation for making makeup that is comfortable for wear, with a wide range of products and brands that are made from natural ingredients. 

Hollywood Cosmetics (HHC) : This cosmetics brand was created by actress Jessica Alba, who is known as a beauty queen. 

Inglot Cosmetics and Lancome Cosmetics are popular makeup brands, but there are other brands out there as well, such as Lancome for women of color, the L’Oréal for the Asian market, and the Dolce &amp.; Gucci for men. 

Mizon: Mizuno is known in the beauty world for their high-performing, long lasting makeup. 

Porefessional is a high quality, luxurious mascara and a staple for any woman who needs the perfect, high quality mascara. 

Tarte: Tartan and L’oreal are both well-known brands in the makeup world. 

Urban Decay: Another popular makeup brand, Urban Decay has a high demand for their cosmetics, with the brands offering a wide variety of high-grade products, and often the products come in their signature shades. 

Vera Wang: Viva Wang is known by the cosmetics industry as a high fashion brand that focuses on quality products and a high degree of attention to detail. 

Wonder Cosmetics  is a popular makeup company that also has high-class, high grade products. 

YSL: A popular makeup and skincare brand, YSL is famous for its amazing, high performing, long wearing eyeliners. 

Zoya: ZOOM Cosmetics is a makeup company known for a high concentration of high quality products, including their high quality eyeshadow. 

Allure Beauty: Beauty-oriented beauty brands, including NARS, MAC, MAC Cosmetics. 

Beauties are made from different types of ingredients, including mineral, organic, fragrance and skin-loving oils, so it is important to be able to choose a good makeup that will last long- and will be easy to apply. 

Makeup is a very personal thing, so make sure to choose an appropriate product for your skin type, skin tone and how you want to wear it. 

It is important that you follow the recommended ingredients, which can vary from brand to brand. 

If you have any questions, contact the Cosmetics Advisor.

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