The ‘Rude’ Beauty Racist Beauty Bar Is Making a Profit on Racism

A judge in Los Angeles on Tuesday ordered a beauty bar to pay $500,000 to a black woman who sued for racial discrimination after her makeup artist allegedly refused to remove her foundation and blush because she was black.

The settlement was reached after an 11-day trial, with two-thirds of the trial set to start on April 3.

The case centered on a 2009 case in which a former employee claimed she was denied a promotion and job after she complained about her skin tone.

The employee filed a lawsuit in 2012 and a federal jury awarded her $100,000.

But in a decision issued Tuesday, US District Judge Lourdes Garcia said the former employee was not a credible witness in her claim that the makeup artist, Michelle DeMaria, refused to let her wear her foundation on the job because of her skin color.

“The plaintiff was not able to provide any other evidence of her own experience,” Garcia said.

The makeup artist denied that the former worker’s claims were true and said the settlement will allow her to focus on her other business.

DeMaria did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Garcia said DeMaria was also required to pay her attorney fees and the plaintiff will be able to collect up to $150,000 for the alleged wrongful discrimination.