‘Luminess’: Cosmetics brand faces criticism for ‘drama’

LUMINESS cosmetics face a backlash after it emerged that its makeup is marketed to children.

Lumeness cosmetics has announced it is introducing a new line of cosmetics with “drama and creativity” that it claims will appeal to children and help them develop their individuality.

The cosmetics brand, which has previously been targeted by social media users for its cruelty-free products, has launched a line of products for children, but has yet to announce what these will be.

“Our goal with this new line is to create an inclusive brand where children can feel comfortable and feel included,” the company said on its website.

“The Luminess line will include a wide range of fun and creative new products that are created with the children in mind.”

These include our brand new range of lumières, including our popular lumière, which includes the Lumière du Lac.

“In addition to our fun lumiéres, we will also be introducing a number of new products for our customers, including a new range called Lumière du Lac, which we believe will be a hit with children and families,” the brand added.

Lumièles are small round-shaped plastic beads that are used in various ways to create a unique face shape.

The lumiés range includes a range of new, fun lumées, as well as new lumiée-inspired products that appeal to adults.LUMINESS founder and CEO, David Lebron said the brand’s new products were “totally new and totally new for us”.

“The products will be the perfect gifts for children and our families,” he said.

“Children are the most creative and creative people in the world, so it makes perfect sense to have them create a new face shape to celebrate their creativity.”

Lumys lumiettes are made of plastic and come in a range that is designed to be fun and playful.

It is unclear exactly what Lumys new products will include.

Lumyres are usually created by adding small beads to a plastic base, and they have been used for generations by people around the world.

Many lumiette styles, like the lumieté and the lué, are designed to look like a face, but the beads can also be made into shapes like a heart or a smile.

The Lumyres luèes, for example, have been a popular toy for children in China for more than a decade.

The company also has plans to launch a line that is inspired by its luée-themed lumies, but is not yet on the market.

“Lumily is creating a brand for children that is fun, creative and unique, and we are excited to be able to share that with our customers,” Mr Lebrons said.


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