The biggest winners and losers of the first Overwatch esports tournament

A new Overwatch esports event has been announced, but some of the big winners and some of those losers may have something in common.

According to a report from theScore esports, the Overwatch League will kick off this weekend and will be run by ESL.

The league will have $1.5 billion in prize money on offer, making it the biggest esports event in the world.

It also comes just two months after the Overwatch Pro League, which was announced in August, attracted $1 billion in revenue.

There are some interesting points to make about this tournament.

The biggest winners will be teams like Team EnVyUs, which will have the chance to participate in the tournament with the Overwatch teams they previously played with.

The money will go towards scholarships and grants to players and will help with travel expenses for players.

The big losers will be the teams that lost money on Overwatch, with only the top four teams earning the most money.

The teams that did not make the finals, however, will get $150,000 to spend on scholarships.

The rest of the money will be given out to teams who finished in the top five in the Overwatch league.

This is a very ambitious budget for the league.

The top four in the league earned $1,000,000 in prize pool, which means teams will need to spend close to $1 million for their own players and coaches.

Teams will also need to pay for travel expenses to and from the event.

It’s a big amount of money, but the esports industry is a small one.

The big prize money comes in the form of a $150 million prize pool.

The remaining $40 million will be distributed among teams and their fans.

The $1-billion prize pool will help fund scholarships and the costs of attending tournaments.

Teams that have already signed contracts with ESL and have a contract in place will be eligible to participate.

This includes teams who already have contracts with other esports companies.

There will also be some money to be split between teams that win, as well as teams that finish in the bottom two places.

If a team wins the tournament, they will be able to sign a long-term deal with ESL that lasts at least five years.

This means they will get a significant portion of their prize money back.

That money could help them pay players or players to coach their teams.

The remaining $50 million will also go to teams and fans.

Teams in the event will be allowed to sponsor merchandise and other esports-related goods, and will get to use their name and logo in Overwatch esports.

The league will be streamed live online on the ESL Twitch channel, where it will be accessible to all viewers.

Teams have the option to sign up to stream on their own channel, but it will require some time.

The Twitch stream will begin at 9 a.m.

ET on Sunday, February 6.

The first two days will be free for viewers.

The final day will be $5 per person, but that price will increase to $10 per person if the tournament has more than two days of content.

If more than five players and five fans sign up, the price will go up to $20 per person.

The tournament will start at 8 ET on Saturday, February 5, and the tournament will end at 11 p.m., February 7.

The ESL Twitch stream can be found at this link.

It will be available to watch on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and consoles.

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