When your friends ask why you’re wearing an eyebrow wax, the answer is: ‘Because I like them’.

Honey cosmetics is the latest brand to start selling wax for facial hair.

The brand launched a limited-edition collection last year and has recently launched a wax collection of its own. 

It’s selling a variety of styles, including the eyebrow-shaped brow wax, which costs £29.99 and comes in the shape of a pencil. 

“It’s more like a ‘glossy’ brow wax,” said founder, Sarah Strydom, on a recent podcast.

“It’s not a lip gloss, it’s not an eyebrow pencil, but it’s definitely not an eyelash wax.”

The brow-shaped wax is a “uniquely feminine look that’s also great for day-to-day styling”.

It comes in a variety and colours. 

The facial hair wax is also available as a lip and cheek wax.

The facial hair-based lip wax is available in a range of shades and the cheek wax comes in “deep plum, plum, rose and orange shades”. 

The eyebrow-sized eyebrow wax costs £34.99, and it comes in three different shades, including a deep plum, a deep rose and an orange. 

Honey cosmetics says the lip wax, cheek wax and eyebrow wax are available in all sizes. 

While most eyebrow waxes are not advertised on the company’s website, Stryder told me they’re not just for cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic dermatology patients. 

Stryder said they were also for those who had no other options. 

For example, the eyebrow wax for the face can be purchased in a “mulberry” shade. 

And, as the name suggests, the wax is “wax-free” and can be used on any part of the face, but not on the eyebrow. 

What do you think?

Would you ever use a wax like this for your eyebrows?

Do you ever buy a brow wax?

Let us know in the comments below.

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