Flekk cosmetics’ menagerie line is in trouble

Flekk’s menageries line is out of business.

The company is in the midst of a court case in which it’s accused of defrauding investors.

The menageried cosmetics line has sold more than 10 million pieces since it launched in 2014, but its future is unclear.

The court case is being watched by menagerist retailers and cosmetics executives who worry that the company’s missteps could leave women consumers with a costly headache and a lack of quality.

The products are designed to look and feel like a man’s clothes, but the menageriess are marketed as “women’s clothing.”

They include shirts, trousers, shoes and other men’s clothing and have been a favorite of celebrities and fashion designers.

But the products were not a hit with consumers.

The company is accused of using fraudulent accounting to mislead investors and the courts are investigating.

The trial is set to begin next month.

Read more: In a statement, Flekk said it is committed to providing products that customers want, and has implemented a number of initiatives to improve the quality of the products.

“As a company that is committed and focused on providing the best product at the best value, we have made every effort to meet our customers’ expectations, including by improving the quality and authenticity of our products,” the company said.

Flekk said in a statement that it is disappointed by the court’s decision and plans to appeal.

 Read more about Flekk:

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