How the NFL’s youngblood cosmetics plan will be paid for

The NFL’s new brand strategy includes a plan to pay for cosmetics products by selling them at high prices, according to two people familiar with the plan who spoke to NFL Media Insider.

The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the plans have not been publicly announced.

The idea is to bring premium cosmetics brands into the league, the people said.

Under the plan, NFL players will receive $100 to $200 per year, and the NFL Foundation will pay for products, including makeup, for players who don’t have the money to purchase their own products.

The foundation is expected to provide a $50,000 investment each year, which could be a significant source of revenue for the NFL.

The NFL has been working to develop an in-season marketing campaign to sell its new products.

Underlying the new strategy is a desire to expand its makeup line and attract more young girls to wear the team’s uniforms, according the people familiar, who spoke on the condition of the plans being kept under wraps.

The two people spoke to league executives, who declined to provide additional details about the plan.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who also is a member of the foundation board, declined to comment.

The new makeup lines will include an all-natural line, a new high-end line for women and men, and a range of skincare and fragrance products, according a NFL spokeswoman.

Under a new product line, the league is paying for cosmetic products, while players will be responsible for paying for products.

The foundation is the NFLs largest charitable organization, with a $3.7 million annual budget and has funded a number of initiatives for athletes, including scholarships and scholarships to students, according Toivi Kaufmann, a foundation board member.

The makeup line will be a major selling point for the new brand, said one of the people, who added that the foundation has also made significant investments in other sports, including football.