Why do we need a new word?

A word.

A lot.

What is it, exactly?

Well, we all need one.

There’s a long tradition of people using a lot of words to describe their lives and thoughts.

Some of these words are more common than others.

Some are used less frequently.

Some, like the word ‘lifestyle’, are used by just about everyone.

Some don’t.

It’s up to us to decide whether or not we’re comfortable using these words and what they mean to us.

Here are our top 10.


Farmasi cosmetics 2.

Miguel’s Fashion Store 3.

Miguel DeLeon 4. 

Bathroom Bathroom 5.

The Misfit Handsome Panty 6.

The Bathroom Bathrooms 7.

The Bump 7.

The Bump 8.

Mystic Beauty 9.

The Magic Doll 10.

The Laundry Bar