‘I want to have sex with my daughter’: How an older woman is ‘surprised’ by her daughter’s cosmetics

Two years ago, I had a baby.

In my 20s, I was working as a domestic helper.

When the baby was born, my husband was still on a job.

I had to start working from home as soon as the contract was over.

For three years, I worked part-time at home.

But I was not satisfied with this.

I always wanted to have a family.

I also wanted to make sure I had enough money to support my daughter.

I felt that my life was not quite normal.

In the last few months, I felt my life had changed.

I was looking for someone who could help me with my needs and I found this older woman.

She had been my housekeeper for nearly 10 years, and she had also been my personal assistant.

She knew everything about my needs.

She could see my financial situation, my income, and how much I had saved for a house, a car, and a new car.

I would like to have more than that.

She helped me when I needed it, she offered me advice, and, when I was ready, she made me feel at home in my new home.

She is a very good person, a good mother and a good wife.

But sometimes, she had to make difficult decisions for me.

She gave me a few years back when my child was still in preschool.

She would say, “I can’t let him be the last child.

He will need to go to school for a long time.”

She would also say, “‘Let’s get him to a hospital so that he will be better off.

Let’s make sure he can live in a comfortable house.'”

At that point, I thought, “You are really trying to help me.

You are really doing something for me.”

But now, I am confused about what I should do with my child.

I want to help him with his studies.

But, I don’t know how to help my daughter get out of school.

She has no experience, no knowledge, and no job.

At the same time, I want her to be educated in school.

But she has never had any formal schooling.

My child has a great future ahead of him.

I do not know what I can do to help her become successful in school, and that’s why I want him to be able to do his studies at home and get an education.

So, I decided to ask my daughter about her dreams.

She told me she wanted to be a lawyer.

She wanted to study in a prestigious university in the United States.

I asked her what she was thinking about.

She said, “The more I study, the more I want a career.”

So, she is going to law school.

After hearing this, I asked, “Do you want to go back to your family?”

She answered, “Yes, I will work in law.”

I was so surprised.

This young woman is very intelligent, a smart person.

She knows how to handle herself.

She speaks very well.

I have never heard a child say such a thing.

She even told me, “No, I love my job.

It’s my dream to become a lawyer.”

I thought to myself, “She is going back to her family and getting married.”

Then, I realised that this is what I had been looking for.

When I asked my daughter if she would like me to come with her to see her job interview, she said, ‘I will do anything.’

I told her that if she could do it, I would too.

And so, we left our home together.

My daughter has been a wonderful woman.

Her family is very supportive of her.

She wants to become an attorney.

She can make money as a lawyer because she knows the profession.

She also knows how important it is to her to earn a living, to have the right to travel and to be treated well.

This is what makes her special.

When my daughter went to her job interviews, she was so excited.

She felt very happy.

She asked me to give her a kiss on the lips and said, “[I] want to thank you for the job interview.”

I told my daughter that she is very special.

She didn’t know what to say.

She just smiled, smiled, and smiled.

My wife and I hugged her.

I told the whole family to take her back to the hotel, and we left for our new home, a little town called Chiba, in Japan.

After we got there, my daughter’s family said, [to] “Thank you for your love and care for your daughter.”

My wife said, with a big smile, “We really appreciate it.”

I hugged my wife and said “I really want to be with my family.”

Then I said, and I think everyone could hear me, ‘Thank you, thank you, thanks,

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