‘Loreal cosmetics’: The Cosmetics industry needs to make a real effort

Cosmetic dentistry has become the fastest-growing cosmetic sector in the UK.

But the rise in demand for its products has put pressure on traditional dental practitioners.

Here, the UK’s leading experts share their take on the industry and what they’re doing to address it.

The Cosmicals Industry in the 21st Century 1.

Dentists face a dilemma – where to turn to?

-By Claire Dickson, Professor of Dentistry, University of ManchesterWhat the dentist needs to know about the dental profession, and the challenges facing them.


What is the cosmetic dentist profession?

-The cosmicals industry as we know it today was established in the 19th century.

The industry is now largely driven by the rise of the internet.


The demand for cosmetic dentistry is enormous – around 60% of cosmetic dentists work in this sector, and more than 60% are full-time, and that’s before they get paid.


Cosmetics are the industry of the future.

-A study by Deloitte has estimated that by 2020, cosmetic dentist work will account for £1.8bn in UK dental budgets.


The growth of the cosmetic dentition industry is driven by a combination of factors – the emergence of new technologies, the growth of demand, and a general change in attitudes to healthcare and dentistry.


Cosmetic dentists face some challenges – from getting people to use the tools to ensure the proper preparation of their cosmetic products, to finding ways to attract and retain the best practice.


Cosmical dentists have some challenges to overcome – and some innovative solutions.

-From a consumer perspective, many people are looking for a better way to ensure that their dental products are formulated to meet the demands of their clients.


Cosmetic dentists need to be more upfront about the cost of their products, and how they are priced.

-This will allow them to set out clearly what the dental costs are.


The most common issues encountered by cosmetic dentisters include the perception that the dentists are only dentists, and can be expected to do everything for their clients, to make sure that the products are of high quality.


The challenge for cosmetic dental practitioners is to ensure they’re properly equipped, trained and prepared to deal with the demands and concerns of the growing cosmetic dentry market.