Cosmetics and cosmetics products

Cosmetics are getting a little more affordable this year, and a few brands are taking advantage of this trend.

One brand, Josie Maran Cosmetics, has made a few bold claims in a recent ad campaign, which has seen it reach a few million viewers.

The ad shows a young woman in a cute red dress and a white, hooded hat.

It’s a pretty simple look, but it’s definitely a bit too cute for the brand.

She’s wearing a white cream lipstick, but that’s a far cry from the high-end products you see in a lot of high-fashion stores.

The girl also has some eye shadow on her lips, and on her face, and the cream is all over the place.

That’s because Josie has made the lipstick darker, and it’s darker because the cream washes over it.

It makes the lipstick seem a little bit too fake.

That is, the lipstick looks fake.

The lipstick actually has a real-life ingredient that’s been tested in real life, and Josie claims it’s actually pretty good for the eyes.

The brand has also made a number of other bold claims about its product.

Here’s a summary:The formula is light, hydrating, and lasts for a long time.

The color and texture are soft and smooth.

The formula dries down quickly.

The formula has no scent, but is infused with a special antioxidant.

The product comes in two sizes, and is available in black, white, and rose gold.

It costs $22.50 per tube, and comes in seven colors.