When it comes to small cosmetic bags, Nabla Cosmetics may be the best

Small cosmetic bags are no longer the niche product that they once were.The Korean beauty giant has announced that it will be offering a wide range of smaller cosmetic bags in the coming months, including some very niche products that you might not expect.The news was announced at the company’s annual conference, which took place […]

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Bella Terra cosmetics in Australia and New Zealand sells $5M worth of ‘bronze’ skin cream

Bella Terra cosmetics is selling a “Bronze” skin cream worth $5 million, its parent company said.The company, which operates under the brand name Bella Beauty, sold the cream for $2.8 million on Friday, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) confirmed on Saturday.“This is a great milestone for Bella,” the company said in a statement.“The new Bella […]

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How to buy private label cosmetics and beauty products from Malaysia

More than two dozen products, including some that can be purchased by mail, are to be banned from Malaysia from March, according to the Health Ministry.The list of banned products includes products with the word “beauty” in them, such as “Nabla” and “Nubra”, which can cause allergic reactions and lead to anaphylactic shock.The products can […]

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